Introduced to CrossFit in 2014, Henry Cheung now develops creative workouts that can enhance metabolism, increase strength and improve focus.

Henry Cheung was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, where he has been active in the fitness realm ever since he started playing basketball in the 6th grade. However, his athletic lifestyle and experience didn’t stop at just basketball. Later on, he traveled throughout the country for fifteen years, to compete in well-renowned 9-man volleyball championships.

He grew up to attain a pivotal role in the Boston Chinese athletic community, the influence from which he used to form his own athletic club, called Boston Rising Tide. Henry started CrossFit in 2014 when he started to get exhausted from traveling to a consulting gig in the UK while living in Pittsburg.

He could start to tell that his workout routine was no longer productive or time-efficient. They were also mundane and became routine, so exercising that way wasn’t creative anymore. Worst of all, his metabolism was slowing down. He realized that he needed to refocus on building strength and re-energize his body.

After performing his first WOD, there was no looking back. Now, ever since he moved to LA in 2017, he intends to rebuild his network of athletes to influence others that they can do it all; work hard, play hard, and be in the best shape of their life.