About Us

Randall Uyeno

Coach Randall Uyeno was never the athletic type as a kid, but with a passion for CrossFit, you’d think otherwise. Otherwise, an engineer for an aerospace and defense corporation, he pays attention to detail, whether he’s working or training.

Nick Kim

Born and raised in LA County, certified CrossFit and weightlifting coach Nick Kim combined his health pursuits with science to create more productive and effective workouts.

Kevin Kim

At 40 years old, certified kids’ trainer, therapist, and star coach Kevin Kim is a CrossFit enthusiast who joined the wave after it changed his life and improved his focus.

Henry Cheung

Introduced to CrossFit in 2014, Henry Cheung now develops creative workouts that can enhance metabolism, increase strength and improve focus.

Nathan Makolandra

A graduate from The Julliard School, Coach Nathan Makolandra is a dancer and choreographer from Greenville city in South Carolina. With plenty of experience in the choreography field, he’s the perfect person to spice up routines and activities at the K2 CrossFit Gym.

Daniel Han

During his time at the Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts, Daniel Han established a volunteer non-profit military CrossFit program to provide airmen, soldiers, and marines with effective training. He has 20 years of competitive martial arts and 2 years of mixed martial arts experience. He also has 4 years of high school wrestling and 4 years of collegiate boxing experience at the United States Air Force Academy.