At 40 years old, certified kids’ trainer, therapist, and star coach Kevin Kim is a CrossFit enthusiast who joined the wave after it changed his life and improved his focus.

Coach Kevin Kim started his fitness journey as a high school athlete, where he played football and track & field. After finishing college, stress and being driven by money led to rapid weight gain; it kept getting worse until he weighed 220 pounds. After deciding that he needed to change his condition, he started practicing CrossFit and was able to shed all the extra pounds that kept him from attaining maximum fitness.

He went from weighing 220 pounds with 31 percent body fat to 155 pounds and 11 percent body fat.
After realizing new health-related goals, he trained to become a certified therapist, and also became the head coach at a CrossFit gym in east Hollywood.

Now the owner of K2 CrossFit, he also enjoys working with kids, which led him to become a certified kids’ trainer. A self-considered recovery specialist, Kevin Kim thinks that training, sleeping and recovering, and eating well every day are his key ingredients for a happy life. Rest assured that at K2 CrossFit, you’re in the care of professionals.