Coach Randall Uyeno was never the athletic type as a kid, but with a passion for CrossFit, you’d think otherwise. Otherwise, an engineer for an aerospace and defense corporation, he pays attention to detail, whether he’s working or training.

As a kid in the MidCity Los Angeles area, Randall Uyeno’s activities in the athletic sphere were limited to soccer at age five, karate at age twelve, and the occasional tree-climbing, bike-riding, and running that most kids love; of course, there were video games, too.

His love for CrossFit started in 2013, when his girlfriend, in an attempt to make him more active, bought him a one-month pass to a CrossFit gym, forcing him to go. After that one fateful CrossFit session, he was hooked. With an academic background that focuses on science and math, he pays attention to mechanics and technicalities, even while training.

“I’m less impressed with how much weight an athlete can move if they can’t move it with great form”, he says, which explains why he uses the expression, ‘Form comes first, speed comes second, and only after does power come into play’.

With a CrossFit L1 certification, his main focus for training athletes is that they retain proper form and practice safety. According to him, once an athlete moves well, they’ll be able to move efficiently and safely. Once they are moving efficiently, they’ll be able to move fast and able to move more weight.

Deeply fascinated by how athletes move, perform and their coordination, Coach Randall is motivated to help them reach higher levels of fitness. At the same time, he makes sure that they have fun and make CrossFit an integral part of their lives.