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Best CrossFit Shoes for Women 2020

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CrossFit is more than a type of class; it is an exercise program. Having the right shoes is crucial to your training. Today, we share our picks for the best CrossFit shoes for women in 2020.

The variety of fitness exercises within CrossFit Training, including interval training, jumping, running, and weightlifting is what makes it an excellent choice for your overall fitness plan. However, this variety can also make it challenging to buy proper shoes.

When it comes to CrossFit equipment, one of the most crucial is your shoes. Moreover, these shoes need to enhance your performance and endurance in all of these different types of fitness activities that are part of your CrossFit training. And, of course, you want them to be comfortable—and maybe even cute.

In other words, CrossFit shoes for women have a lot of demands on them. In this article, we will share what some experts believe are the best CrossFit shoes for women in 2020.

Why CrossFit Specific Shoes Matter

Investing in CrossFit specific shoes is essential to your training. suggests that CrossFit specific shoes will enhance your performance with their design features. One expert recommends a flat shoe that keeps your weight in the midline of your foot to your heel for weightlifting, and that is light enough to accommodate the cardio and calisthenic movements in Cross Fit. 

It could be tempting to work out in your running shoes, but that can be a mistake. One CrossFit trainer explains that cushioned soles that are designed for running will shift your weight from your toe to your heel. The shifting of your weight will upset the center of gravity and increase the difficulty of your CrossFit functional nmovements.[1] 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important features that make a CrossFit shoe an appropriate pick for you per Women Today.  Think of them as the 5 featured S’s of CrossFit Shoes for Women: Stability, Support, Shock Absorption, Sweat-Wicking, and Snug Fit.

The Five Featured S’s of the Best CrossFit Shoes for Women 2020

  • Stability:  A stable base to your shoe is important for CrossFit when you are weightlifting. A shoe with a firm base transfers the energy when you lift and helps stave off fatigue by keeping most of your energy in the weightlifting exercise, and not wasting it trying to keep your balance.
  • Support: Having arch and heel support built into your shoes is critical for CrossFit Training. From weightlifting to cardio to jumping, a firm foundation will help prevent pain in your feet.
  • Shock Absorption: Your needs for this feature will vary depending on your activity. For example, if you weightlift a lot, you need a shoe that does not absorb too much shock because it reduces the amount of weight you are lifting with your targeted muscle groups. However, if you run a lot, you need the shoe to absorb the impact to protect your joints and feet when you are training. Consider what activity you do more of when selecting shoes or think about having two pairs that you use for different CrossFit workouts.
  • Sweat Wicking: Shoes that encourage airflow and sweat absorption are essential for CrossFit Training to prevent overheating, over sweating, or blistering.
  • Snug Fit: Another crucial area of CrossFit shoes is the fit. Unlike some other activities, you want a snug fit to help prevent sores and injury during workout sessions. However, they should not be tight. The shoes should have a close-fitting feeling with no loose areas that could contribute to slipping or blistering.

The CrossFit Shoes Experts Recommend for Women 2020

So which CrossFit Shoes are recommended?

 Per, there are a few different models (although, to be fair, they admitted that while their editors do their reviews independently, they might be earning a commission on any shoes they recommend.)

Overall Best: Nike Women’s Metcon Training Shoes – $120 The editors liked that they had a flat platform and a firm rubber heel to help when you are lifting. They also liked that the shoes were reinforced in high-wear areas, which means the shoes will be durable. In addition, the flexible forefront of the shoe would be good for running and cardio work, while Nike’s Flywire mid-foot tech locks the foot in position. The final feature the editors praised was the mesh on the heel and angle which helped with the sweat-wicking.

Best Budget Shoe: Inov-8 F-Lite 195 Women’s Cross Trainer Shoes – $30 On this less expensive shoe, the editors praised the model’s versatility and flexibility, as well as how light they are. The heel-to-toe drop is 3mm, giving you a close-to-the-ground feel, which the editors suggest will give you more power in your CrossFit Training. The sole is sticky with rubber indentations, which help you get the traction you need. Also, the Robe-Tec reinforcements make it an asset when climbing the rope. Plus, it has roomy toe box, which can help for women who need more room for their toes.

Click here to see all their picks. has some different shoes highlighted for CrossFit Training. Their picks were recommended by CrossFit trainers they talked to, who told them their favorites, which included:

Converse High Tops- $38 The CrossFit Trainer and Box owner in Seattle mentioned that Converse High Tops can be a good shoe to start with if you don’t know if you like CrossFit or are just starting out with the training. She likes how the super flat sole gives you the stability you need for lifting and lateral movements. Plus, she likes the price! However, the editors of Shape point out that these aren’t great for running, so you need to bear that in mind if you choose them for your workouts.

No Bull Trainers – $129 These trainers are popular with CrossFit devotees all over because of their flat soles, which have earned them a reputation as a super-stable shoe for training. One Certified Coach in NY likes them also for the grips on the top that help when she is climbing ropes. These shoes are also popular because they come in lots of colors and prints.

Click here to read all of Shape’s Picks for CrossFit Shoes for Women.

Women Today has their picks also. Here are the shoes that measure up to the features they value:

Reebok Women’s CrossFit Nano 9.0  $130

Please note, Women Today’s editors chose the Reebok Nano 5.0 as the best overall cross fit shoe. However, we prefer the 9.0. Why? We like it because as Reebok says on their website, it is built for the CrossFit community by the CrossFit community.

Certain features make us like this shoe. First, the flex weave upper allows you more freedom of movement in dynamic moves. Second, the cushioned insole absorbs impact when you run, something they added in this model. Also, it comes in 16 colors, so you are bound to find something you like. 

To read about all of Women Today’s picks, please click here.

There you have it. Everything you wanted to know about the best CrossFit shoes for women in 2020. Whatever you choose, be sure you remember the S’s—Stability, Support, Shock Absorption, Sweat-Wicking, and Snug Fit. A good foundation is a great place to start when getting fit with CrossFit training.

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