Crossfit Program

Cross fit refers to a complete lifestyle change characterized by sound nutrition and effective exercises. The core strength program is designed to meet various goals relating to physical competence. The program aims to adapt peoples’ lifestyle by optimizing their fitness goals. Cross fit cannot be classified just as a fitness program, as it serves as a physical optimizer in various fitness domains. These domains include stamina strength, speed, power, coordination, respiratory and cardiovascular endurance, accuracy, flexibility, agility, strength and balance.

From healthy weight loss to improved health, cross fit is being widely used to achieve various fitness goals. One of the most interesting things about cross fit is that it suits everyone. Whether you are an experienced trainer or have just started working out, the programs cater to everyone’s needs.

Typically, this power-packed program was designed to improve the competency of individuals who tackle various physical tasks. We train our athletes in a way that they easily perform an array of physical challenges no matter how diverse or power straining they are.

This kind of fitness is usually required for hardcore tasks performed by firefighters, sports enthusiasts, police personnel and military officers in order to complete their tasks with efficiency.

In addition to improving the physical prowess of police, fighters, soldiers, and athletes, cross fit program aims to target your overall fitness. That means the objective of this innovative program is not just confined to meeting fitness, but much more. It is the distinctiveness of cross fit that makes the program stands out from other similar fitness regimes.

It specifically focuses on broadening neuroendocrine response, developing more power, incorporating new training techniques, functional movements and modalities, power training and effective diet strategies.

Furthermore, the program trains our athletes to ride bikes, swim, and run long, medium and short distances. It expands their exposure and enhances competency to master all three metabolic pathways.

Besides that, athletes receive high-stamina training in gymnastics. The program includes all training activities from basic exercises to advance movements to maximize potential in order to gain better body control statically and dynamically. The power training increases strength by improving both flexibility and weight control.

We tend to focus on incorporating Olympic Weightlifting training as the sport is not only unique, but also supports several athletic abilities. By practicing weightlifting, an athlete can learn to control heavy external objects while developing unbeatable power. Plus, it helps athletes master a plethora  of complex movement patterns.

The learning journey of our athletes does not end here as we allow and encourage them to keep on trying different power training exercises that can optimally benefit them in becoming better athletes. They try a number of sports that demand a high level of fitness level. We endeavor to remain functional in the fitness industry by adding more and more weightlifting exercises and stability challenges. The program scales in intensity and loads in a way that everyone can make the most out of this unique program.