Kevin KiM

Age 41


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
Nike Training Club, NTC Trainer
Certified Kids Trainer
CAMTC Therapist


Fittest korean Masters 40-44, World 2021 Crossfit Games Home Open

Special Interests

REcovery Specialist
Flobility Spine Training
CrossFit Gymnastics
CrossFit Barbell

Coach Kevin Kim Became a CrossFit Enthusiast After it Changed His life and improved his focus.

Coach Kevin Kim started his fitness journey in high school, where he played football and was on track and field team. He came back to his love of fitness after graduating college. Working full-time and not taking care of himself, he had gained a lot of weight, tipping the scales at 200 pounds and 31 percent body fat.

He decided he needed a change. He started practicing CrossFit.

CrossFit changed his life and improved his focus. While working to attain maximum fitness, Kim lost weight, slimming down to 155 pounds and 11 percent body fat. After realizing his goals, Kim trained to become a certified CrossFit therapist and became the head coach at a box in east Hollywood. Kim also became a Nike Training Club (NTC) Trainer, and a CAMTC Therapist experienced with myofascial release, Instrument-Assisted Soft-Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), cupping, electric therapy, and deep tissue. He also love working with kids and is a Certified Kids Trainer as well. 

Now, as the owner of K2CrossFit, he has discovered new areas of interest. Kim is a personal trainer, working with clients like Alessandro Zanet, the Fittest Man in Los Angeles, and specializing in training for women through CrossFit programming. He also expanded his CrossFit specializations into CrossFit Gymnastics and CrossFit Barbell.

Kim has many areas of interest in the fitness field. He describes himself as a recovery specialist that thinks training, sleeping, and eating well every day are the key to healthy recovery and the ingredients that make up a happy life. Kim is also well-versed in Flobility Spine Training, which rebuilds and repairs posture. He owns CBD Rehab, LA, and is the exclusive distributor of CBD Medic to Koreatown and Downtown Los Angeles. He even has three apparel lines, Mister Metcon, Miss Metcon, and Metcon Mafia. 

When Kim isn’t at the box training himself or others, he enjoys eating healthy meals, getting plenty of rest, and relaxing with friends and family.