Best CrossFit Shoes for Men 2020

CrossFit works a lot of different areas of your fitness. We like to think that’s why many athletes like it as their exercise program. From lifting to interval training, jumping, and running, CrossFit training gives you an overall fitness program. 

That said, the variety of activities sometimes can make it challenging to buy shoes. What is excellent for running might not be the perfect thing for weightlifting and jumping. And vice versa. 

Your CrossFit shoes are the most crucial CrossFit Equipment to enhance your endurance and performance in all the various tasks associated with your CrossFit training. And who would complain if they were comfortable?

Several factors will make a significant difference in the performance and comfort of your CrossFit shoes. These include: 

  • Stability: A good foundation under you makes your lifting more energy efficient during lifting.
  • Support: When your foot is well-supported, you have less pain after your workouts.
  • Shock Absorption: This feature is tricky because you need more of it when you run and less of it when you lift. Some athletes have two shoes, one for each activity. 
  • Moisture Wicking: Who wants to have hot, sweaty feet?
  • Close-fitting: Shoes that fit snug will not rub and cause sores when you work out. 

With all of this in mind, here are the best recommendations we found online for the best CrossFit shoes for men in 2020:

We found the following two on We like how they calculate the ratings. Their CoreScore uses user ratings and expert reviews (that they adjust for spam, fewer reviews, and version that is reviewed). They also take into consideration the credibility of the “expert.”

Nike Metcon 5

The reviewers mentioned their research revealed that the majority of users called the Nike Metcon 5 the most stable shoes for CrossFit Training. Furthermore, the editors of RunRepeat mentioned a sturdy platform that gave stability to athletes during weightlifting. Also, many athletes who used them describe them as having a comfortable and snug fit, which are both on our list of critical characteristics. There are a couple of knocks on the shoe, per the reviews, including some complaints about the transition of the shoe, durability complaints about the rubber panels, and a couple of esthetic concerns. The word “clunky” may or may not have come up.  

Inov-8 F-Lite 260 

With 2,391 reviews, this shoe came in with a CoreScore of 91 and was described as “Top-Rated” and “Popular Pick.” The reports pointed out that athletes liked the comfort and style of the cross-trainers. They also wanted the support they provided across a variety of activities. Furthermore, the fit was wide-enough to accommodate splaying your toes, but not so wide that you slipped around in them. The only drawback appeared to be durability. The overall performance of the shoe seems to be high per the reviews. 

For the record, there is a new version of the Inov-8 Fastlift 400, but the reviews are not posted on RunRepeat yet. 

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Men’s Health used a different approach to analyze the best CrossFit shoes for men. In particular, they called out the drop designed into many popular running shoes. While the cushioned heel inherent in these designs is super for running, it creates stability problems when weightlifting. They prefer shoes that control the drop to maintain stability during lifting. Men’s Health editors liked the following shoes for CrossFit training. 

Lalo Maximus Grinder

Men’s Health likes how these shoes provide strength and versatility. In other words, they provide the appropriate base and support for weightlifting but can adapt to protect the feet while running, too. They do, however, caution you to be careful wearing these for climbing exercises. We like these shoes for their all-around performance and charismatic style. 

CrossFit Nano 9 

The fact that this shoe is excellent for CrossFit is designed right into the name. Men’s Health reports that it was built to “fulfill the needs of the CrossFit community.” Specifically, the Flexweave upper was redesigned to be more comfortable and improve its functionality for movement. Moreover, the cushioned midsole helps with the runs during your cardio training.  


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Garage Gym Power had some great insight on appropriate footwear for the box, too. We like how the author is also an athlete, so he knows what you are looking for in performance for CrossFit shoes. Here are a couple he called out as the Best CrossFit Shoes for Men 2020. 

Adidas Men’s CrazyPower TR M Cross Trainer

While the author points out that Adidas isn’t necessarily a big name in CrossFit Shoes, the CrazyPower is good. Adidas is known for its cushion, which, as we mentioned before, is not great for weightlifting. However, this model balances the cushion you need sometimes and the stability you need other times. Noting that these shoes are great for wide feet, the author also notes the broad base and low drop with excellent heel support. 

New Balance Men’s 20v7 Minimus Cross Trainer

These shoes are minimalist, like the name implies, meaning little padding that keeps your feet close to the ground. They have a one-piece rubber sole, which allows your foot to move freely but also provides a stable base for lifting. One of the pros calls out the nylon-infused yarn, which offers support, another essential quality you want in a CrossFit shoe. We included them because they are suitable for narrow feet, and since feet come in all shapes and sizes, we thought it was important to represent. 

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Also, our personal preference is a flat-soled shoe. The stability they provide is excellent for your Cross Fit Training. So, in addition to all the specific CrossFit Shoes, we included here, we would also recommend the following unusual pick. 

Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops

These shoes are no-frills, but they perform remarkably well for CrossFit activity. However, they are especially great for weightlifting because of their flat sole. They come in every color under the sun and are affordable. Plus, they look cool, and while we know you aren’t in the box to win a fashion contest, looking good isn’t a bad thing. 


Shoes are an essential part of your CrossFit training. They can not only enhance your performance in CrossFit class, but they can help prevent injury. Be sure to look for CrossFit shoes that check all the boxes, meaning stability, support, shock absorption, moisture-wicking, and fit. And remember, just because we say it is one of the best CrossFit shoes of 2020 for men, it doesn’t mean it is for you. Find the shoe that works for you, and we’ll see you in the box. 


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