The Surprising Advantages of Personal Training

Personal training has many benefits. However, personal training concerns sometimes overshadow its benefits. If you have ever started an online search for “personal training near me” here in Koreatown and stopped yourself, today is your lucky day. We can explain.

Personal training can benefit you in three different areas: 

  1. Helping to set and achieve personalized goals
  2. Improving physical fitness and wellness
  3. Enjoying flexibility for scheduling and style of work out. 

Let’s take a closer look at each of these areas and the benefit you could enjoy with personal training.

Area #1: Helping to Set and Achieve Personalized Goals

We all have different reasons that we want a personal trainer. Maybe we need help pushing past a plateau in our fitness routine. Some people have trouble motivating themselves to exercise or improve without help. Others might be trying to come back from a loss of mobility or flexibility because of an injury or to achieve a life goal they haven’t tackled yet. The good news is that no matter what your personal goal is, a personal trainer can help you make it. 

First, your trainer asks you what you want to achieve out of their sessions. Many people start at a general place of, “I want to lose weight,” or “I need to exercise more.” While these are perfectly acceptable goal areas, they often are not specific enough for a personal trainer. As a result, personal trainers ask questions to determine a particular goal that rolls up to the general category you originally named. 

For example, let’s say that you want your trainer to help you lose weight. A trainer might ask questions about why you decided to tackle this goal now or what your goal weight is. They will also ask what you have tried on your own and the challenges you had. Then, using that information, they will help you have a specific goal. In other words, instead of losing weight, your goal will be to lose 15 pounds before the holiday party this year.

Next, a personal trainer will then help you construct a customized action plan to get to that particular goal. It will be more detailed than exercise more and eat less. However, it will be simple and easy-to-understand for you. Perhaps most importantly, it will be just for you. As explains it, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all workout plan you might get from a book or a website. 

Area #2: Improving Physical Fitness and Wellness

One of the main benefits of a personal trainer is that they help you with your physical fitness and wellness. This concept is more than the amount of weight you can lift or the distance you can run, however. Physical fitness has to do with your mobility and flexibility, as well as your strength and endurance. Moreover, mobility and flexibility help you avoid injuries in your day to day activities. 

Another benefit of personal training is that they can improve your form. When you have a professional’s undivided attention, they can see ways to adjust your posture or alignment when you perform an exercise. Also, they will see muscle groups you might be missing in your workouts. Per WebMD, these muscle groups could be the ones that improve your posture, “which can make you look five pounds leaner without even losing weight.

Too many of us get into an exercise rut that does not maximize our potential enough. Personal trainers are also skilled at switching routines around to incorporate different areas of your body in an organized and beneficial way. In addition to ensuring you get the best all-around workout, this approach will include flexibility training, which WebMD says is an area many of us miss in our workout routines. 

Some personal trainers specialize in functional movements, which are an essential part of CrossFit training. Functional movements are patterns that we use in our normal daily functions. When a trainer screens your performance of functional movements, they can identify areas of weakness, as well as see opportunities to improve your balance and coordination.

Area #3: Enjoying Flexibility in Location and Style of Workout

One of the appeals of a personal trainer is that they work into your schedule, which isn’t always true for classes. The Australian Institute of Fitness suggests exploring your options as far as when training is best for you. Personal trainers have the flexibility in their schedule to fit into yours. 

Also, personal training can happen wherever you want or need it to occur. If you like the gym setting, then your trainer will meet you there. If you do not, then your trainer might suggest a nearby park or even meet you at your home. One of the significant personal training benefits is that they can bring the equipment to you. 

The personal training benefits are not limited to these three areas. Moreover, personal training can be one of the best investments in your health that you ever make. It can help you hit your goals, feel and look better, and ensure you have fun while you do it. 

 So, what are you waiting for? Google “Personal Training Near Me” and get started.  


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